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All Humans Must Die!

All Humans Must Die!

Game Cartridge for Game Boy and Game Boy Color - Homebrew Game

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Welcome, earthling!

Are you ready for a little attack on humanity? Then get into the U.F.O. and kill as many people as possible in 60 seconds. But don´t get hit! We had to divert all shield power into the disruptor. Now we destroy these annoying little creatures with just one shot. But we are helplessly at the mercy of their unruly shots.

What are you still doing here? Off with you and have some fun.

What started as a game for the GBCompo2021 is now available in its final form. With revised controls, newly designed background graphics and new music & sound fx.

There are two versions of this product available.
- Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge + label and a thick protective plastic case.
- Boxed Game + Manual - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box in which a manual will be inserted as well.

All Humans Must Die! can be played on the Game Boy or Game Boy color, as well as any other device capable of playing Game Boy game cartridges. On the Game Boy Color it will include the option to switch between different color palettes.

Game © 2022 Mr. Papshmir
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