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Dino's Offline Adventure

Dino's Offline Adventure

Game Cartridge for Game Boy - Homebrew Game

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Can you save the last dinosaur from his impending extinction? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help Dino the Dinosaur stay alive as long as possible by avoiding the dreaded cactuses and pterodactyls.

A game of skill and timing, keep mashing those buttons to ensure Dino jumps to safety as his sprint to certain doom gets faster and faster.

Inspired by the classic “offline” game built into the Chrome web browser, Dino’s offline adventure has been lovingly recreated for the Game Boy providing the ultimate retro handheld offline gaming experience.

The game box and label are printed, cut and put together manually, at home. The same goes for the cartridges, which are hand-soldered by me.

There are two versions of this product available:

  • Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge + label and a thick protective plastic case.
  • Boxed Game - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box.

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