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Flash Cartridge for Game Boy - 512KB

Flash Cartridge for Game Boy - 512KB

Flash Your Games And Play

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Custom made game cartridge with a premium look.
Flash your own game to it and play right away.
The cartridge will be sent in a thick protective plastic case.

Please make sure to read the rest of the description to see if this is the cartridge you need.

Supports roms of up to 512KB using MBC5.
It only has 512KB of ROM flash memory, no RTC, RAM or battery.
This means things like Pokémon or LSDJ will not work.

Can be used for games created with GB Studio, as long as they are at most 512KB and do not need saving.

Works on every game boy system which can play original game boy games (Original, Pocket, Color, Advance and Advance SP, etcetera).

You can flash (and reflash as often as you want) your games to it with any game boy flasher. They currently work with the GBxCart RW and the GB Operator.
Settings for GBxCart RW when using FlashGBX would be: Ferrante Crafts cart 512KB

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is available in multiple colors and the cartridge case has 3 possible colors which are all translucent, clear, green and blue.

Comes pre-flashed with a game boy test rom, to make sure all cartridges are working.
If you want a specific rom flashed to it, please add this in a note with the order and I will tell you how to send me the rom (no copyrighted games please).

Are you looking for more cartridges than there are in stock? Send a message, more can be made to order.

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