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Game Cartridge for Game Boy Color - Homebrew Game

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Primary color

A colorful puzzle game for your favorite handheld console. Can you flood the whole field with a single color within 25 steps?

The game box, manual and cartridge label, have a crisp and clean look boasting vibrant colors. All three are printed, cut and put together manually, at home. The same goes for the cartridges, which are hand-soldered by me.

There are two versions of this product available:

  • Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge + label and a thick protective plastic case.
  • Boxed Game + Manual - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box in which a manual will be inserted as well.

This is a Game Boy Color game, so will only work on the Game Boy Color and newer Game Boy handheld systems.

Game © 2022 Oliver Balfour

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