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Game Cartridge for Game Boy - Homebrew Game

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It is the year 2560.
We were able to defend ourselves against an alien
attack, but also suffered great losses.
To celebrate the day of victory, a race is held every
4 years, the G-ZERO Grand Prix!
Only the best pilots are allowed to compete in the race
and never-ending glory awaits the winner...

Race on 6 unique tracks while trying to beat the
competition, spurred on by the upbeat music tracks.

Pick from 3 different types of cars, to fit your play style.
Reckless driving will get your car totalled before the
end of the race, so choose wisely.

The game box, manual and cartridge label, are all three printed, cut and put together manually, at home. The same goes for the cartridges, which are hand-soldered by me.

There are two versions of this product available.
- Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge + label and a thick protective plastic case.
- Boxed Game + Manual - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box in which a manual will be inserted as well.

Game Copyright © 2022 7FH

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