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Game Boy Cartridge Shell - 3D Printed

Game Boy Cartridge Shell - 3D Printed

Brighten up your games!

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Are you getting bored of the old grey Game Boy cartridge shells? Replace it with one of these 17 different colors!

3D printed cartridge shells which will fit original game PCBs as well as aftermarket ones.

The back of the case has a brass heat set insert for the (phillips head) screw, so you can open it up as many times as you want without wearing down the plastic.


Since these are 3D printed, they will have very minor imperfections and visible layer lines (on the sides).

The front and back have a very fine rough texture, which catches the light and gives of a sparkling effect. However due to the rougher surface a label will not stick well. This is why there is also no indentation for it.

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