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GB Interceptor

GB Interceptor

Record your Game Boy Gameplay

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Record your Game Boy gameplay with the GB Interceptor created by Sebastian Staacks.
This device allows you to record or stream Game Boy gameplay by connecting it via USB-C.

USB-C cable is not included.

Plug the Interceptor into your Game Boy and then slot the game in the Interceptor.
Insert the USB cable into the Interceptor and connect the other end to your computer, before you turn on the Game Boy.
Now it will show up as a webcam on your computer. For example you can use OBS Studio to record the webcam image.
Turn on the Game Boy and the game will start playing on the webcam stream.

The outer shell of the device has been custom designed and 3D printed.
It offers the following features:

  • Perfect fit opening for the USB-C cable
  • Easily accessible mode switch button
  • Recessed firmware upgrade button
  • Easy access to the on/off switch on an original Game Boy
  • Status indicator lights (visibility differs per color of the case, and very low on very dark cases like black)

The GB Interceptor will work on the following devices:

  • Game Boy (Original)
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Pocket
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Game Boy Advance SP
  • Super Game Boy

Game Boy Color games will not work with this device.
Only original Game Boy games and games which are compatible with the original Game Boy will work.
This means a game like Pokémon red will work, since it is compatible with the original Game Boy, but in that case you cannot play it in a Game Boy Color for example.

Audio is not captured by the GB Interceptor itself. If you want to record audio, you will have to capture it from the audio jack on the Game Boy.

This device does not directly capture the screen contents of the Game Boy, but it emulates what is being displayed on the screen, thus allowing you to play on the actual Game Boy. Because of this, a small amount of games might not display everything correctly. Please see the links below.

For more information about how the device works and what the limitation are, please check out the youtube video and github pages for more information:

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