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GB Interceptor Case - 3D Printed

GB Interceptor Case - 3D Printed

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Do you already have a GB interceptor, but you are still missing a case? Or you want an improved version so you can actually reach the power switch on the original Game Boy? Take a look at these outer shells.

The case has been custom designed and 3D printed.
It offers the following features:

  • Perfect fit opening for the USB-C cable
  • Easily accessible mode switch button
  • Recessed firmware upgrade button
  • Easy access to the on/off switch on an original Game Boy
  • Status indicator lights (visibility differs per color of the case, and very low on very dark cases like black)
  • Closed with 3 phillips head screws into threaded brass heat set inserts, so they can be opened and closed as many times as you need without wearing down the plastic.
This is only the 3D printed case and does NOT come with an interceptor. You can find the case + GB interceptor here: GB Interceptor
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