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Invasion of the Geminorons

Invasion of the Geminorons

Game Cartridge for Game Boy Color - Homebrew Game

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Invasion of the Geminorons is a sci-fi puzzle game for Game Boy Color.

Go head-to-head with a gauntlet of aliens from the planet Beta Geminorum B, in a battle for the future of humanity. Match gems to deal damage, recharge shields, and power special abilities, and defeat the alien fleet to save the Earth!

- Clever AI opponents.
- Randomised special abilities and alternate aliens, so no two playthroughs are alike.
- Colourful graphics and fluid animations.

Includes a key for a digital version on

There are two versions of this product available.
- Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge, label, digital download key and a thick protective plastic case.
- Boxed Game + Manual - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box in which a manual will be inserted as well and includes a digital download key.

Not compatible with original Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, or Super Game Boy.

Game © 2022 gearfo

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