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Ninja Twins

Ninja Twins

Game Cartridge for Game Boy - Homebrew Game

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Primary color

This is the classic indie puzzle game "Ninja Twins", recreated for Game Boy.

A puzzle game consisting of 25 levels, where if one ninja twin moves, the other one will move as well. Can you use the terrain and other interactive blocks to reach the end of each level?

This game uses 32KB ROM only (no MBC, no cart RAM).
This game utilizes the Super Game Boy adapter (SGB) when available for an
enhanced experience, including SNES-based background music.

Ninja Twins for Game Boy was developed by Mackerel Interactive based in
Gothenburg, Sweden.
* Programming and graphics by David Revelj
* Music, sound effects and additional programming by Thomas Jansson

Ninja Twins was originally created by Kronbits in 2013, with game design, level
design and graphics by Davit Masia, and music by Machinet Musica.

The level design and graphics have been implemented to stay as close as
possible to the original game.
The music has been newly composed for GB/SGB, except for the menu music which
has been reimplemented from the original game.

The game box, manual and cartridge label, are all three printed, cut and put together manually, at home. The same goes for the cartridges, which are hand-soldered by me.

There are two versions of this product available.
- Cartridge only - This will include the game cartridge + label and a thick protective plastic case.
- Boxed Game + Manual - The game cartridge (in a thick protective plastic case) will be shipped in a game box in which a manual will be inserted as well.

Game © 2023 Mackerel Interactive

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