Hunt The Gwumbus

The Gwumbus lives in a cave of twenty connected rooms.
There is little light.
Rely on senses other than sight.

Born of magma, the monster reeks of sulfur. Drafts foretell of pitfalls. Listen for hostile creatures. Shoot the Gwumbus from an adjacent room.

Be careful what you shoot at. Avoid pitfalls. Evade capture…

Orders including Hunt The Gwumbus will start shipping in August!

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Ninja Twins Game box, cartridge and manual

Ninja Twins

A puzzle game consisting of 25 levels, where if one ninja twin moves, the other one will move as well.

Can you use the terrain and other interactive blocks to reach the end of each level?

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Black Castle

The times were dark and the kingdom was threatened by a black warlock.

Fight your way through four exciting levels, find secret passages, hidden items and defeat the black warlock to take his medicine and cure the suffering people.

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GB Interceptor

Record your Game Boy gameplay with the GB Interceptor.

Available in 17 different colors!

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Beta Soul

Take the challenge to help a small robot A.I. survive in the hostile world it was brought into.
Fight hordes of enemies and try to piece together what happened.

Beta Soul is an auto-battle RPG for the Gameboy.
Every stage involves a different challenge, with enemies becoming stronger the further you go.
Choose your upgrades wisely along the way to construct a build suitable for survival.
The game also features a quick pace challenge mode and a jukebox to listen to the great music tracks.

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